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Kerala state lottery Result:

Kerala is the most popular state in India. This is also famous for its lottery program. Kerala lottery takes part under the Government. They have their own lottery department. Kerala lotteries have only one lucky draw in a week. This is reason for its popularity. The price ticket for the Kerala state lottery is only thirty rupees. Anyone can buy this ticket because it’s not very expensive.

This lottery has only one draw in a week on Monday. This lottery draw has eight winners. Many people participate in this lottery. Its draw time is at 2:50 PM. Its draw name is Win Win lottery. First prize winner of this lottery will get seventy five lacks rupees. The second winner will get five lacks rupees. The third winner will get one lack rupees. The fourth winner will get prize of five thousand rupees. The fifth winner will get prize amount of two thousand rupees. The sixth winner will get prize of one thousand rupees. The seventh winner will get five hundred rupees and the eighth winner get only a hundred rupees.

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