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June 23-6-2021

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Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 4:00 PM

lottery Sambad result at 4:00 P.M Day/Noon:

If you don’t win the morning chance then there is no need to worry because two more chances are there. This is the most inspiring and sensational time for the members because, at this time, the prize of one crore is announced once again. The cost of the ticket is only ₹10. So buy more tickets and get a chance to win the first prize. This is also called the Sikkim state lottery and a second chance to win the prizes. So buy the Sikkim state lottery tickets in just ₹10 and try to become a lucky winner to get the first prize of the morning lottery sambad.

nagaland 04 pm result

Lottery Sambad 04:00 PM Prize Detail:

The winning amount of the first winning prize is one crore (₹10000000). And the second winning prize is nine thousand (₹9000). The third winning prize amount is five hundred Indian rupees (₹500). This amount will be given from the lottery department of Sikkim state. If you are not able to get success in your everyday life, then this is a golden opportunity for you to get the lottery sambad tickets of Sikkim state.
There is a lottery every afternoon in a week.

Every afternoon has a different afternoon name. Such as Monday afternoon is known as dear Lakshmi afternoon. Tuesday afternoon is known as Dear Padmini afternoon. Wednesday afternoon is known as dear Torsha afternoon. Thursday afternoon is known as Dear rajal. Friday afternoon is known as dear bhumi Ajay afternoon. And the last one Saturday afternoon is known as Dear Damodar afternoon.

Draw Names:

The details and schedule for the Sikkim state lottery are mentioned in the table.

No. Days Draw Names
1 Monday Dear lakshmi
2 Tuesday Dear Padmini
3 Wednesday Dear Torsha
4 Thursday Dear rajal
5 Friday Dear bhumi ajay
6 Saturday Dear damodar
7 Sunday Dear Balajic

Winning Prizes:

In the Sikkim state lottery, each and every afternoon has three winners and they get prizes. The first winner gets the prize of one crore Indian rupees (₹10000000). The second winner gets the prize of nine thousand Indian rupees (₹9000). The third winner gets the prize of five hundred Indian rupees (₹500). So buy more and more Sikkim lottery tickets, because you can get these prizes in the whole week.

If you have got the dear Lakshmi afternoon ticket, then you can take other afternoon lottery tickets with the same process or same method. As you buy lottery tickets for dear Lakshmi afternoon then you can take lottery tickets for the next afternoon in the same way. Every day, after the announcement of the result you can get your winning prize amount for that afternoon.

The schedule for every afternoon and the prize-winning amount is mentioned below in the table.

No. Draw Names 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
1 Dear lakshmi 1 Cr. 9k INR 500 INR
2 Dear Padmini 1 Cr. 9k INR 500 INR
3 Dear Torsha 1 Cr. 9k INR 500 INR
4 Dear rajal 1 Cr. 9k INR 500 INR
5 Dear bhumi ajay 1 Cr. 9k INR 500 INR
6 Dear damodar 1 Cr. 9k INR 500 INR
7 Dear Balajic 1 Cr. 9k INR 500 INR

The remaining updates and results will be published when they are announced. So you have to stay connected on the website to get all the latest updates of the lottery result and queries. The result will be available in the form of PDF and in the form of PNG image format. It totally depends on you how you want to see the lottery results.