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Mizoram state lottery:

Mizoram state is an Indian state. This lottery is one of the popular lotteries in the ways of earning money in the current generation. There are a lot of lotteries and companies running different kinds and concepts of lottery. It is very famous in India. The Mizoram state lottery offer once in a day. The ticket price of Mizoram state lottery is very cheap and the people of Mizoram state love to play this lottery. And its winning prize amount is seventy five lacks. This lottery has a draw and four participants are announced to be winners.

First winner of the Mizoram state get prize of seventy five lacks. The second winner will get fifty thousand rupees. The third winner will get five thousand rupees. And the fourth winner will get prize of seven hundred rupees. We provided you the correct and latest result of Mizoram state lottery on our website. So stay connected with us to get the result of Mizoram state lottery. You will get and download the result in the form of a PDF file. You can also download the result in the PNG image form.