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Nagaland State Lottery Result Today:

Are you a member of the Nagaland state lottery and want to know about the result and latest information of the Nagaland state lottery? If yes, then you are in the right place. Nagaland is an Indian state. Nagaland state lottery department has released the lottery result on the official website. I want to tell the participant of the Nagaland state lottery that this lottery has three-time to draw its result. Every draw has three prizes. Sometimes Nagaland state lottery issued a grand bumper prize. The amount of grand bumper prize is a very big amount. A participant can be a billionaire if he wins the grand bumper prize.

This lottery has three lucky draws daily. The first draw is in the morning sharp at 11:55 AM, the second draw is in the afternoon at 4:00 PM. The third and last draw is at 8:00 PM in the evening. Each draw has three winners. In the morning draw, the First winner can win the prize money of one crore Indian rupees. The second winner can win nine thousand Indian rupees and the third and final prize of the draw winner gets five hundred rupees.

Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM Morning:

No. Days Draw Names
1 Monday Soft Morning
2 Tuesday Caring Morning
3 Wednesday Style Morning
4 Thursday Warm Morning
5 Friday Cool Morning
6 Saturday Realistic Morning
7 Sunday Breeze Morning

Same as the morning draw, three participants can win the draw at 4:00 PM afternoon. If you could not win the morning chance then not worry. You can participate in the afternoon draw because it has also the same amount of prizes and also three participants can win this. You can buy tickets from the Nagaland state lottery department and all over India. Because it’s ticket price is very low. The ticket price of the Nagaland state is only 10 rupees. So buy more and more tickets and get more chances to win the lucky draw.

Lottery Sambad 04:00 PM Morning:

No. Days Draw Names
1 Monday Dear Lakshmi
2 Tuesday Dear Padmini
3 Wednesday Dear Torsha
4 Thursday Dear Rajal
5 Friday Dear Bhumi ajay
6 Saturday Dear Damodar
7 Sunday Dear Balajic

The evening draw at 8:00 PM of the Nagaland state is very important because the winning amount of this draw is one crore and fifty lacks. A participant who wins the first prize can become a crore Patti in few minutes. Similarly, the evening draw has also three winners. The first winner gets the prize of one crore fifty lacks Indian rupees. The second prize money of the draw is twelve thousand Indian rupees. The third and the last winner of the evening draw can get seven hundred Indian rupees. The ticket price of the evening draw in just 20 rupees. Twenty rupees is not a very big amount.

Lottery Sambad 08:00 PM Morning:

No. Days Draw Names
1 Monday Parrot evening
2 Tuesday Rare evening
3 Wednesday Falcon evening
4 Thursday Ostrich evening
5 Friday Hawk evening
6 Saturday Eagle evening
7 Sunday Blaze Evening

The detail and schedule of the morning draw have given below in the table.

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