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Sikkim State Lottery Today:

Sikkim is a state in northeastern in India. Sikkim is the second smallest and least popular state in India. Sikkim state has a lottery department under its government. The Sikkim state became an inspiration for the people and the other Indian states that have started their own lotteries. The tickets of the Sikkim state are available in Sikkim and some other states of the India. So you can buy tickets easily. The price of ticket is not very expensive. Its price is only 20 rupees. Sikkim state lottery has also a big bumper prize in a week. The bumper prize amount of the Sikkim state lottery is five crore Indian rupees.

Sikkim State Lottery Result:

A person who wins the bumper prize will become a millionaire overnight. He can start his own business and also support his family. There is a lucky draw in the Sikkim state lottery every day. In this lucky draw three participants can be the winner. The first winner can win the prize amount of fifty lacks. The second winner can get the prize amount of nine thousand and the third winner can get the prize amount of five hundred. Sikkim state lottery is also a part of lottery sambad. You will get the latest updates of the Sikkim state lottery and lottery sambad from our website.

You can also check and get the old results of Sikkim state lottery from our website. Also you can download the result in the file format of a PDF. If you want to see the old result of Sikkim state lottery, then visit our website and click on the old result. You will get your desire previous result in few seconds. If you want to download the result then you can download. You will get the result in PDF and also in PNG image form. So it totally depends on you whether you want to download or just want to see. So stay connected with our website to get the old and latest information and result of the Sikkim state lottery.