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July 15-7-2021

Nagaland State Lottery Today Result  1:00 PM

If you are looking for today’s lottery Sambad result then you are at the right place. On this website you will get the daily result of today’s Nagaland state lottery Sikkim state lottery result, Kerala state lottery result, and many more states result. In India, the lottery Sambad is very famous. In one click, you will get the result of today’s Nagaland state lottery of 11:55 A.M, 4:00 P.M, and 8:00 P.M. Here we have focused on the daily results of lottery Sambad.

You can also get the old result of the lottery Sambad. This lottery has three different times for draw, First in the morning, second in the Afternoon, and the last one in the evening. You can get and enjoy the latest result of your favorite states with just one click.

The people of every state want to get tickets for the Nagaland state lottery, the West Bengal state lottery, and also for Sikkim state lottery. On this website, we daily update the result of today’s lottery Sambad result. You can also get today’s result of lottery Sambad in West Bengal, Nagaland state, and Dhankesari. In Dhankesari lottery Sambad, it has 3 times draw in a day. The First draw result comes in the morning at 11:55 AM. The second draw result comes at 4 PM. And the last Dhankesari lottery result comes at 8 PM and it is important.

Today result of the dear lottery Sambad:

Basically, every lottery lover waits for the result and they want to get the result in HD quality just on the website. As I told you that on this website you can download the result and view the result in the format of a PDF file. Therefore you will easily download or check the daily lottery results, just to visit our blog. The results are announced from the official website of the lottery. This website is made with the aim to help the buyers or participants of these lotteries result. Today result of the dear lottery Sambad is available in the Nagaland state lottery. The lottery tickets of this dear Nagaland state are also got by people from West Bengal state, Kerala state, and other different states.
The second name of lottery Sambad is Dhankesari lottery and it is also searched by the name of Dhankesari lottery.

On this website, we also publish the daily or today’s result of the dear Dhankesari lottery result. Lottery Sambad is also searched by different names such as night Lottery Sambad, dear Lottery Sambad, Lottery Sambad 2021, night result of lottery Sambad, etc. For daily updates of dear lottery Sambad results, stay connected with us. Here we updated all the results of the dear lottery Sambad at the exact time. The results of the lottery Sambad are available in the form of a PDF.

If you want to see the online result, you can see the result with just one click. Also, you can download results in PDF with one click. If you are interested and want to get daily updates of dear lottery Sambad, add this website to your bookmark. The Nagaland state and West Bengal state lottery ticket price is only ₹10. We wish all the best to all the participants of the dear lottery Sambad. The first prize-winning award of lottery Sambad is one Crore Indian rupees (₹10000000).

How to earn money with lottery Sambad?

As you know the price of the lottery ticket is only ₹10. So try to buy more lottery tickets of Nagaland state, Sikkim state, Kerala state, or West Bengal state. And get a chance to win the first prize of the lottery. Nagaland state lottery and west Bengal lottery are very good lotteries. because their tickets are sold all over India. because their lottery first prize amount is one crore Indian rupees (₹10000000).
An amazing fact about this lottery is, it has daily three chances to win a big amount of money. The second prize of this lottery is nine thousand Indian rupees (₹9000) and the third prize of this lottery is five hundred Indian rupees (₹500).

The people who win this lottery can start their own businesses. Also support their families in their lives. So buy tickets and get a chance to win the Nagaland state lottery and west Bengal state lottery.

Popularity list of dear lottery Sambad in Indian states:

  • Nagaland state
  • West Bengal state
  • Sikkim state
  • Kerala state
  • Punjab state
  • Assam state
  • Mizoram state

Rajshree state And many other states. If you have any kind of doubt regarding results in any lottery, then you can check the results from other official websites as well. I hope you find this website helpful. Thank you for using dear lottery sambad. Some related keyword search for the dear lottery sambad.

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Timing of the Lottery Sambad Result:

As you know that dear lottery sambad has three different timing of bumper draw. The first result of today dear lottery sambad is drawn at 11:55 AM in the morning. The second result of the dear lottery sambad is drawn at 4:00 PM in the afternoon. And the third and valuable result is drawn at 8:00 PM in the evening.

Schedule for Today Lottery Sambad:

The participants who don’t know the basic knowledge of the lottery are suggested to check and get the basic details, draw names, and the timing of results and then move forward.

Daily schedule Draw timing
Morning- First draw 11:55 AM
Afternoon- second draw 4:00 PM
Evening- Third draw 8:00 PM
Announcement Daily
Documents format PDF

Today lottery sambad result at 11:55 A.M morning
The first result of the lottery sambad is announced at 11:55 AM. Many participants are very excited to check the morning result. It is the first chance to win the dear lottery sambad and many people won this. It is the first famous type of dear lottery sambad and named as Nagaland state lottery. So buy the Nagaland state lottery tickets in just ₹10 and try to become a lucky winner to get the first prize of the morning lottery sambad.
The winning amount of the first winning prize is one crore (₹10000000). And the second winning prize is nine thousand (₹9000). The third winning prize amount is five hundred Indian rupees (₹500). This amount will be given from the lottery department of Nagaland state. If you are not able to get success in your everyday life, then this is a golden opportunity for you to get the lottery sambad tickets of Nagaland state.
There is a lottery every morning in a week. Every morning has a different morning name. Such as Monday morning is known as soft morning. Tuesday morning is known as a caring morning. Wednesday morning is known as style morning. Thursday morning is known as a warm morning. Friday morning is known as a cool morning and the last one Saturday morning is known as a realistic morning.

The details and schedule for the Nagaland state lottery are mentioned in the table.

Sr. no Days Draw names
1 Monday Soft Morning
2 Tuesday Narrow Morning
3  Wednesday Caring Morning
4  Thursday Warm Morning
5 Friday Cool Morning
6 Saturday Realistic Morning
7 Sunday Alive Morning